Water Analysis Equipment

We have over 25 years of experience and staff expertise  in the design and production of electro-chemical sensors for liquid applications. We have focussed this know-how into our iRAS® products at our Bad Klosterlausnitz site. Our expertise is well documented by our patents and scientific publications, especially in the field of solid-state sensors.

Solid-state and membrane sensor technologies allow us to produce very compact sensors which are particularly well suited for testing drinking or surface waters. The relatively high pressure stability of the solid-state sensors expands the application range of the electrodes to deeper waters. Because of their special construction, the sensors are not only appropriate for typical industrial or environmental use. They are also excellent for agricultural applications (including the monitoring of fruit and vegetable ripeness), for inspecting meat quality in slaughterhouses and for medical blood analysis applications.

We also produce customized sensors to suit your particular requirements.

In addition to these sensors, we offer a variety of portable hand-held meters, stationary transmitters and other accessories.

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Dr. Uwe Kehrer
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Dr. Uwe Kehrer
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