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Biogas analyser for outdoor installation


Integration gas analyser SSM 6000 for monitoring and registration of gases from biogas plants, wastewater treatment plants and landfills.


• measurement of the methane, hydrogen sulfide concentration and optionally of oxygen, carbon dioide and hydrogen
• proCAL for high accuracy and stability
• calibration with test gas at the earlierst after only one a year
• gas preparation with various filter systems and optional sample gas cooler
• wall-mounted enclosure for outdoor installation
• optionally  housing heating


System housing:    GPR cabinet with front door and window
Housing dimensions (WxHxD):    600 x 800 x 300 mm
Protection: IP56
Housing color: RAL 7035
Measuring components: CH4, H2S, optionally O2, CO2, H2
Ambient temperature: −20° C to +40° C

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