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Flue gas N0X-measurement


Measuring system for automatic recording of nitrogen monoxide concentrations of flue gases at up to 4 sample points for the control of a DeNOX-stage.

• heated sample gas probes and sample gas lines
• gas conditioning with compressor coolers and various filters
• status modules for monitoring and display of operating status
• air conditioned cabinet housing for outdoor installation
• cabinet housing made of glass fibre reinforced plastic for inshore installation
• integrated sample gas conditioning for trouble-free measurement with high sulphur oxide concentrations
• links to higher process control via Profibus
• NO/ NO2-converter for higher NO2 concentrations available


System housing:  GRP cabinet with front doors and windows (optionally sun protection roof)
Housing dimensions (WxHxD):  1,800  x  2,200  x  900 mm
Protection: IP55
Housing color: RAL 7032
Measuring components: NOX, (4x)

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