STELZNER® agricultural measurement systems

Our advisory kits for measuring pH: the pH AGRAR 2000, the PET 2000 for measuring nutrient salt intake, the MULTI ISE for determining individual nutrients, the EC 2000 for measuring conductivity, the PE Controller for monitoring crop nutrients, the MULTI 2000 for measuring activity, conductivity and temperature, and the Type-X, Type-V, Type-VII and Type-III combination kits

GaLaBau advisory kit Typ II/II+

Measuring activity and pH

The GaLaBau advisory kit has been developed specifically to quickly monitor soil characteristics.

The GaLaBau advisory kit contains a PE controller (type II) or a PET 2000 (type II+) with AM probe for determining the salt content (activity) and a soil tester for determining the pH value directly in the soil.
The activity measurement is carried out in the root area; it takes into account all relevant soil properties and is displayed on a scale in grams of salt (nutrient) per litre of soil (substrate). This enables you to make an easy and precise determination of the plant's possible nutrient uptake in the soil. A lack of fertiliser or excess salt (e.g. from road salt) can be seen quickly. When measuring high salt levels, the nitrate indicator strips can be used to differentiate between accompanying salts and nitrate.

30001021 GaLaBau advisory kit TYP II+ € 426,02
PET 2000 with AM probe (25 cm), nitrate test strips, 100 ml beaker, Soiltester, measuring sleeve, sand paper and instructions
30003000-K Soiltester pH Meter € 94,61
Soiltester meter, measuring sleeve, sand paper, manual with pH guideline values
30001011 PE controller with AM probe € 139,23
Art.-Nr. Article Accessories Cart
30003020 Soil-sample measuring sleeve for the Soiltester pH meter € 4,17
30003023 Sand paper € 1,79
30008102 Nitrate € 6,25
Each bag with 6 test strips
30003019 One nine-volt battery € 2,98
One nine-volt battery, size 6LR61
30001004 Spritzflasche mit entionisiertem Wasser € 7,14
30002005 Nitrate Merckoquant € 35,70
Box with 100 strips
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Measurement range: 3 to 8
±10 %
Display: multi-colour scale
  PET 2000
Measurement range: 0 to 2 g/l
± 0.02 g/l
Resolution: 0.01 g/l
Measurement range: 
0 to 1 g/l
Display: multi-colour scale
  GaLaBau advisory kit
Dimensions and weight with case: 
370 x 290 x 90 mm
approx. 2.9 kg


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