STELZNER® agricultural measurement systems

Our advisory kits for measuring pH: the pH AGRAR 2000, the PET 2000 for measuring nutrient salt intake, the MULTI ISE for determining individual nutrients, the EC 2000 for measuring conductivity, the PE Controller for monitoring crop nutrients, the MULTI 2000 for measuring activity, conductivity and temperature, and the Type-X, Type-V, Type-VII and Type-III combination kits

Type-V advisory kit

Measuring activity and pH

The Type-V combination kit consists of two instruments: the PET 2000 for measuring soil activity (in g salt/l) and the pH AGRAR 2000 for measuring soil or liquid pH values.

The PET 2000 is used for the quick and reliable monitoring of plant nutrients in soils or substrata. It measures the plant's root zone for potential nutrient salt absorption. You can determine immediately whether the total salt content in the root zone is too high, too low or just right. The PET 2000 has a 25-cm AM probe. 50-cm or 75-cm probes are also available (refer to page 7). This device is maintenance-free.

The pH AGRAR 2000 allows you to reliably monitor the pH level. The glass pH piercing electrode allows you to determine the pH in substrata, soil (in the root zone), in fertilization solutions or in irrigation water.

The pH AGRAR 2000 features automatic pH calibration. It also displays the electrode conductivity slope so you can monitor the pH electrode.

The Type-V combination kit is the perfect companion while working in production facilities, landscaping consulting, earthworks, garden centres, tree care or vegetable crops. All of the kit's instruments are microprocessor-controlled and highly accurate. They are easy to use and custom designed for agricultural applications.

30001500 Type-V advisory kit € 827,05
pH AGRAR 2000 with pH piercing electrode made from glass pH 4 and pH 7 buffer solutions, KCl refill solution with filler syringe, CaCI2 powder for analysing soil solutions, dibble, spray bottle with deionized water, PET 2000 with AM probe (25 cm) and mini-DIN 8-pin plug, 6 nitrate test strips, technical manual
Art.-Nr. Article Accessories Cart
30008102 Nitrate € 7,14
Each bag with 6 test strips
30003019 One nine-volt battery € 2,98
One nine-volt battery, size 6LR61
30001004 Spritzflasche mit entionisiertem Wasser € 7,14
30001003 AM probe (25 cm), 1 metre cable, with mini-DIN 8-pin plug € 55,93
30002005 Nitrate Merckoquant € 40,46
Box with 100 strips
30002014 Beaker for measuring volume, 100 ml with cover € 3,57
30003004 1 metre attached cable with BNC plug for pH piercing electrode made of glass Article No. 3033 € 41,65
30003011 pH-Glaseinstechelektrode mit drei Diaphragmen, 3 mol/l KCl, 1 m Festkabel mit BNC-Stecker € 176,12
with three diaphragms, 3 mol/l KCl, 1 metre attached cable with BNC plug
30003012 pH 4.0 buffer solution 100 ml bottle € 7,91
30003013 pH 7.0 buffer solution 100 ml bottle € 7,91
30003017 Dibble € 2,38
30003022 Refill solution with filler syringe for pH electrodes: 3 mol/l KCl, 100 ml bottle € 7,91
30003033 pH piercing electrode made of glass with three diaphragms, mol/l KCl, without cable € 136,85
with three diaphragms, mol/l KCl, without cable
30004444 Technical manual € 23,20
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  pH AGRAR 2000
Measurement range: 0 to 14

± 0.02


PET 2000

Measurement range: 0 to 2 g/l 
Resolution: 0.01 g/l
Precision: ± 0.02 g/l
  Beratungskoffer Typ V
Dimensions and weight with case: 460 x 350 x 135 mm,
approx. 4.4 kg

Sampling auger with foot rest

Auger with foot rest for outdoor crops with dense root zones. Solid-built handle and foot rest. ...more Topseller

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