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AMOLA® AGRAR MOBILE LAB with accessories

Using the AMOLA® for photometric determination of NPK

The AMOLA® Agrar Mobile Lab contains all the key reagents, equipment and accessories that you need to make a quick, easy and reliable assessment in the lab or in the field. It can be used to determine any of the main readily soluble, plant-available nutrients: nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (NPK). It is useful for agriculture, horticulture, tree nurseries and composting plants applications. Consultants and plant production specialists also make use of the AMOLA®.

After a sample is taken, the ammonium NH4, nitrate NO3, potassium K and phosphate PO4 in the soil are converted by extraction into liquids and treated with a specific colour reagent. The intensity of the colour indicates the quantity found in the soil of each of these substances.

The Amola® base unit provides you with an objective determination of the colour intensity. The sample type (e.g. mineral soil, substrate, water) and the desired soil component are first specified – then the desired measurement is displayed using the relevant units. For mineral soils, the displayed unit is kg/ha (kilograms per hectare) or mg/kg soil (milligrams per kilogram). For horticulture substrates the unit is in mg/l of substrate (milligrams per litre), and for water samples the unit is mg/l (milligrams per litre ). Ammonium can be specified as NH4 and NH4; nitrate can be specified as NO3 and NO3-N. The total nitrogen is determined from the sum of the ammonium- and nitrate-nitrogen (NH4-N + NO3-N). Phosphate is calculated as PO4, PO4-P or P2O5; potassium is calculated as K or K2O.

The manual (included here) uses simple illustrations to describe the sampling, processing, extraction and analysis methods.

30001806 AMOLA® AGRAR MOBILE LAB with accessories € 1785,00
Case, Amola base unit, sampling auger, sieve, drip pan, shovel, spatula, scale with weight, filter, measuring cylinder (100 ml), measuring cup (250 ml), funnel, bottle (0.5 l), sample vessels (15 and 50 ml), syringe (5 ml), four glass cuvettes, 1 litre of CaCl2, 2 x 1 litre of CAL, 1 litre of distilled water, nitrite test strips, Visocolor test for ammonium, nitrate, phosphate and potassium, sedimentation tube, glass tamper, pyrophosphate solution
30001828 AMOLA® AGRAR MOBILE LAB, base unit € 928,20
Art.-Nr. Article Accessories Cart
30001883 Visocolor® ECO potassium € 142,80
(approx. 60 tests)
30001876 CaCl2 extraction concentrate, 1 litre rectangular bottle   € 29,75
30001877 CAL extraction concentrate, 1 litre rectangular bottle € 42,25
30001886 Visocolor® ECO ammonium 3 € 69,02
(approx. 50 tests)
30001889 Visocolor® ECO phosphate € 63,07
(approx. 80 tests)
30001895 Visocolor® ECO nitrate € 59,50
(approx. 110 tests)
30002006 100 round (ø 150 mm) filters € 14,88
30002029 Wide-neck extraction bottle, 0.5 litre, with top € 5,41
30002043 Powder funnel € 8,09
ø 80 mm
30002044 250-ml beaker € 7,74
with graduation marks
30002049 25-ml plastic shovel € 3,33
30002057 Spatula  € 8,81
30002058 Sample container, 50 ml, with screw cap and graduated scale    € 3,33
30002059 15-ml sample container, with screw cap and graduated scale   € 3,33
30002060 5-ml plastic syringe with 0.2 ml graduation marks € 2,62
30002061 Four 10-ml cuvettes with screw cap € 18,98
30002070 Nitrite test strips € 41,65
100 tests
30002091 Distilled water, 1 litre rectangular bottle   € 13,69
30002092 Measuring spoon for Visocolor tests   € 6,13
30002093 Sedimentation tube    € 34,51
30002095 Glass tamper for the sedimentation analysis    € 14,82
30002096 Pyrophosphate solution for the sedimentation analysis      € 41,95
30005001 Volume sampling auger € 73,78
with scale
30000810 Soil strainer with wooden frame € 57,12
4 mm / 330 x 190 mm with drip pan
30000570 100-ml graduated cylinder € 14,88
PE with elongated shape
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LED photometer:

microprocessor controlled,
with auto-test and auto-calibration

Lens: LED + 2 inference filters

450 nm (NO3-N),

660 nm (NH4-N, PO4-P, K)

Precision: ±2 nm, half-width of 10 to 12 nm
Cuvette holder:

Round cuvettes with

16 mm outer diameter
Insensitive to ambient light
Measurements with uncovered
cuvette shaft are possible

Detector: Silicon photocell

Illuminated graphical display,

64 x 128 pixels


Easy to use with icons on the display

Pre-programmed tests for VISOCOLOR® ECO tests
Result with dimension

specification, date, time

Data storage capacity: 50 measurements

Mini USB
Free software updates

via internet / PC

Operating range: 5 to 50°C at 90% relative humidity
Power supply:

3 AA batteries, rechargeable batteries
USB interface; optional

internal battery pack

Housing: Waterproof, IP67 (30 min, 1 m)
Dimensions and weight of case: 550 x 410 x 180 mm,
approx. 10.2 kg




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