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Oxygen/temperature lance

Oxygen and temperature analysis for composting

In industrial composting plants, oxygen concentrations and temperature must be monitored in order to optimize the decay process. The oxygen lance, equipped with an amperometric Clark O2 sensor, can reliably measure oxygen concentrations in compost. When connected into a control/ventilation system, the lance can be used to control the ventilation of the decaying materials during the intensive rot stage. This ensures that sufficient oxygen is available for the quick and complete aerobic conversion of the material. The ventilator uses very little power and water loss in the rotting material is minimal. As a result, it is possible to skip the time-consuming and costly step of turning over the rotting material. This reduces the amount of disturbing odours.
Measurements can be taken directly on site when used in conjunction with the AM 40 hand-held meter. The stationary MV 5030 meter can be used for a variety of control solutions.

30004520 Oxygen/temperature lance for measurements in soil € 3094,00
Lance, hand-held AM 40 instrument, accessories
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  O2  sensor
Measurement range:
O2: 0 to 25 vol. %
    Temperature: 5 to +80 °C
Operating temperature:

 5 to +80 °C

Air humidity:     max. 100% relative humidity – but with no condensation on the sensor membrane
Dimensions: Shaft length: approx 100 mm
Shaft diameter: 18 mm
Material:  FEP, 1.4571 stainless steel, POM
  Oxygen/temperature insertion probe

Stainless steel WS 1.4571 (DIN 17440),
    certified crystal alloy for special requirements

Operating temperature: 0 to +80 °C
Dimensions:   ø 22 mm (shaft), approx. 28 mm (tip),
Total length: approx. 1,100 mm
Weight: Approx. 2.5 kg

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