STELZNER® agricultural measurement systems

Measures the illumination strength, photon current density, control of photosynthetic radiation, sunlight, florescent lamp intensity, sodium and mercury vapour lamp intensity

PAR light collector

The DLI 100 Par light collector measures photosynthetically active radiation in the wavelength range of 400–700 nm (PAR) in µmol/m2. It displays this measurement as photosynthetically active photon flux density in µmol/m2/s. It records all photosynthetically active radiation over a period of 24 hours (the daily light integral: DLI) in mol/m2/d. The DLI 100 has an LED display for displaying PAR and DLI.

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Measurement range: PAR: 0 – 1500 µmol/m2/s
    (for  = 400 – 700 nm)
    DLI: 0 – 30 mol/m2/d (for  = 400 – 700 nm)
Display:  4 LEDs
Measurement interval: PAR: 20 s; DLI: 24 h
Power supply:  3-V battery
Dimensions and weight: 60 x 190 mm, 150 g

PET 2000

The PET 2000 activity meter can measure the potential absorption of nutrient salts under the same conditions as the actual nutrient salt absorption through the roots. This means that the dissolved salt content is measured in the soil and... ...more Topseller

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