STELZNER® agricultural measurement systems

Measuring instruments for soil moisture and water monitoring, using sensors, tensiometers and data loggers

Bambach Small tensiometer

Small plug-in tensiometers can have two different porous cell sizes: 10 mm diamter for the smallest vessels (pots from approx. 8 cm), also in dam or gutter crops, and 15 mm diameter for common pot sizes and also well suited for loose or granulated substrates. Used mainly in humidity range up to max. 200 – 300 hPa.


Insertion depths of the tensiometers are 40 – 70 mm or 50  – 90 mm. Connections for analogue manometers, switch sensors and E-sensors, also with built-in T-piece. The Premium plug-in tensiometers (see page 45) are also available in small sizes with a length of 16 or 19 cm,  a porous cell of 20 mm, and a tube diameter of 25 mm. Their larger filling volume is an advantage. The large porous cell must, however, fit.

501202 Type KV02-GL, length 12 cm € 35,11
501206 Type KV2-GL, length 15 cm € 34,51
501206-IT45 Type KV2-IT45, length 15 cm € 50,58
50123216 Type LM-GL, length 16 cm € 39,51
50123219 Type LM-GL, length 19 cm € 40,88
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Tube diameter: KV02: ø 15 mm
KV2: ø 20 mm
LM: ø 25 mm
Porous cell: KV02: 10 x 30 mm, cylindrical
KV2: 15 x 40 mm, cylindrical
LM: 20 x 60 mm, cylindrical
Threaded connection: BL: for digital manometer,
GL14: for analogue manometer+sensors,
IT45: for two GL14s, 45°

Bambach-BLUMAT plug-in tensiometer

A tensiometer is used to measure suction tension. The porous cell of the tensiometer uses capillary action to transport water outwards into the drier soil. A negative pressure is then created within the closed pipe. This negative... ...more Topseller

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