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HYDRO 2000

Determining the volumetric water content in the soil

The HYDRO 2000 is an inexpensive measuring device for professional use. It determines the volumetric water content in soil. The sensor works according to the FDR (frequency domain reflectory) principle. It delivers precise results in the relevant measuring range between 0 and 50 % water content by volume, with only slight influences from salinity and soil type. The cable and housing for the sensor are waterproof.
In addition to measuring soil moisture, the Hydro 2000 can also measure the temperature of the soil. Thanks to its compact and robust design, this measuring device is maintenance-free and suitable for continuous operations. 

30008094 Aquaflex 300 cm € 260,61
In delivery: HYDROR 2000 and SMT 50
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In delivery: HYDROR 2000 and SMT 50
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30008097 SMT 50 soil moisture sensor € 113,05
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Measurement range: Temperature: –20 to +85°C
    Volumetric soil moisture: 0 to 50% vol.%
Measurement precision: Temperature: typically 0.8%
    Volumetric soil moisture: ± 2% in mineral soils with medium salinity of 0 – 50% (VW)
Resolution: ± 0.1 vol.%
Cosine correction: corrected to 80° angle of incidence
Display: Liquid crystal display
Degree of protection: IP 40
Power supply: One nine-volt battery, size 6LR61
Sensor dimensions and weight: 125 x 75 x 45 mm, 190 g
Cable length: 1.2 m

PET 2000

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