STELZNER® agricultural measurement systems

Measuring instruments for soil moisture and water monitoring, using sensors, tensiometers and data loggers

Bambach – Remote wireless monitoring

FFF – Field Humidity Wireless

Wireless stations with connected sensors for remote monitoring (especially for soil moisture and temperature) with an adapted wireless network (LoRaWAN or mobile wireless).

It is becoming increasingly necessary to monitor the moisture and temperature values of outdoor and foil-cover crops, especially in remote, scattered areas that use non-automated irrigation or temperature-dependent measures. Depending on the required range, short-range or mobile wireless radio transmission is used to transmit the data.

Data processing and visualization:

After the raw data has been processed and forwarded, the visualization shows the important result of the wireless transmission. A special internet page at the service provider with a personal login displays the data along with the current value and its course over time and a zoom-in function. The user can configure the alarm with any limit values for each measured value and the battery voltage.
An alarm can be sent to any e-mail address. All measurement data is stored for a period of two years and forwarded on request. This visualization can be used with data from LoRa radio or mobile radio. It is also suitable for smartphones.

Features of mobile wireless – NB-IoT or LTE-M:

–     Unlimited range
–     Availability corresponding to the mobile network
–     Wireless station consisting of logger with modem
–     Any wireless node with integrated SIM card
–     Each wireless station operates independently without gateway
–     Measuring interval > 15 min
–     Wireless station as multi-transmitter for 2 to 4 sensors
–     Also as single transmitter with radio node for 1 sensor

Features of LoRaWAN wireless:

–     Discrete wireless network, independent of mobile wireless
–     Gateway (receiver) with adapted antennas
–     Gateway with router connection (for connection to IT)
–     Alternate gateway with SIM card for LTE-M network
–     Multiple transmitters in parallel to one gateway
–     Internal LoRa network, also public LoRaWAN
–     Range of 2 to 5 km, depending on network and antenna
–     Measuring interval: 10 minutes or shorter
–     Wireless station as multi-transmitter for 2 to 4 sensors
–     Also as single transmitter with wireless nodes for one sensor


–     Controlling irrigation
–     Climate control in foil-crop buildings
–     Frost protection
–     Fertilizer monitoring
–     Remote areas with fruit and vegetable crops
–     Drought control for urban trees
–     Irrigation controllers

Suitable sensors:

–     SMT50
–     SMT100
–     Tensiometer with E-sensors
–     EC sensors
–     Also temperature and air humidity


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with antenna and power supply unit For LoRaWAN with router connection or for LTE-M connection
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