STELZNER® agricultural measurement systems

Measuring instruments for soil moisture and water monitoring, using sensors, tensiometers and data loggers


Sensor-controlled switching unit for small irrigation systems

The controller for the small single-channel irrigation systems consists of an electronics unit with connecting terminals for solenoid valves and 1-2 sensors, as well as buttons, rotary switches and DIP switches for operating and configuring the functions. The electronics are mounted in a plastic housing with cable glands for the inputs and outputs. The battery-powered version also includes a battery pack in the lid. The mains-powered version is supplied with power externally.
The SensorMatic 15 uses sensors to control the irrigation. The electronics are operated with 9V or 24V, which supplies the sensors and the solenoid valve.
The soil moisture is measured at regular intervals; the solenoid valve is switched when the specified limit value has been reached. The switch point and duration of irrigation for the valve can be selected as one of 15 intervals. There are two sequence programs available. The fixed-time program switches off (without repetition) after a set duration, regardless of the humidity value of the floor sensor.
The cycled irrigation program waters using up to three cycles until the desired soil moisture is reached. The sensor's measuring range is monitored and a warning is issued if a value exceeds the range. The system can also be operated manually.

30008015 SensorMatic15 € 333,20
30008097 SMT 50 soil moisture sensor € 113,05
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Power supply: Battery or mains power
Sensor input: Max. 2 of type VH400
Switching output: 1
Weight including batteries: approx. 670 g,
    without batteries: approx. 510 g
Dimensions: Box with cable glands
    approx. 185 x 145 x 75 mm


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