STELZNER® agricultural measurement systems

Measuring in soil and in liquids, with our MULTI ISE for determining individual nutrients and the Pockettester for pH, conductivity and temperature

MULTI ISE advisory kit

The MULTI ISE for measuring the individual nitrate, ammonium and potassium components in soil solution and ions in aqueous solutions

The Multi ISE is the versatile, robust multi-purpose tool for measuring the ion content in fluids. No filtration or clarification of the measured solution is required. Turbidity or discolouration do not affect the measurement results.

You can use the MULTI ISE to determine the pH as well as concentrations across a wide concentration range for the following ions in aqueous solution:
ammonium NH4+, nitrate NO3-, potassium K+, sodium Na+, calcium Ca2+, fluoride F-, chloride Cl-, bromide Br-, iodide I-, silver Ag+, copper Cu2+, or nitrite NO2-.

This measuring instrument can measure contents in the mg/l (ppm) range, so there is no need to dilute the measured solution. The result is shown on the display in g/l with an accuracy of 0.001 g/l (1  mg/l). These concentrations can be determined with a precision level of ± 5 % of the measured value.

The MULTI ISE can also measure the individual nutrient ions most critical for agriculture: ammonium (NH4+), potassium (K+) and nitrate (NO3-). Measurements can be made in fertilizer solutions, soil solutions (extracts), plants and organic material. The nutrients can be measured directly in the fertilizer solution.
A simply slurry solution made with deionized water (or better yet, an extraction solution recommended by LUFA – the German Agricultural Testing and Research Institute) will suffice to determine the ion concentrations in substrata and soils.

An extraction solution consisting of alum KAl(SO4)2 is used for nitrate. For ammonium and potassium, an extraction solution of calcium chloride CaCl2 is used.

The MULTI ISE is microprocessor-controlled and easy to use. The corresponding electrode (ammonium, nitrate or potassium) is first connected to the instrument and then immersed together with the reference electrode into the solution being measured. The instrument references the on-board calibration data corresponding to that measurement.

The menu-driven calibration process is self-explanatory. The required calibration solutions and the technical manual are included in the kit.

The enclosure is waterproof (resistant to splashed water).

30001900 MULTI ISE advisory kit € 2023,00
with ammonium, potassium and nitrate electrodes and calibration solutions, refill solution for electrodes with filler syringe, conditioning solutions, powder for extraction solutions, spray bottle with deionized water and manual
30001901 MULTI ISE € 797,30
Base unit without electrode
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Ammonium NH4, Nitrat NO3, Kalium K,
Natrium Na, Calcium Ca, Fluorid F,
    Chlorid Cl, Bromid Br, Iodid I,
         Silber Ag, Kupfer Cu, Nitrit NO2


bis mind. 10 g/l

Genauigkeit: ± 5 %
Anzeige: LCD
Einsatztemperatur: Betrieb: +5 bis + 45° C

1 x 9 Volt,

Blockbatterie 6LR61 size


ca. 100 h

Schutzart: IP40
Maße und Gewicht: 125 x 75 x 45 mm, 190 g
Maße und Gewicht mit Koffer: 460 x 350 x 135 mm
ca. 5,0 kg

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