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Nitrate-nitrogen advisory kit

For determining the nitrate content in soil

The nitrate-nitrogen advisory kit allows you to carry out quick on-site tests to determine the nitrate content in fruits and plant material. It is important to determine the proper amount of nitrogen needed at the correct time for your crops.

The instruction manual includes safety tips and practical recommendations for working with soils (Nmin) with varying depths and when working with water, vegetables, potatoes, grains, corn, sugar beets or grasses. The quantity and quality of your crop will both suffer if you use too little or too much nitrogen. With our nitrate-nitrogen advisory kit, you can accurately determine the proper fertilization schedule for your crops.

Measuring nitrates in fruits, plant materials and soil

Measuring instrument for electronically evaluating the colour scale on Merckoquant nitrate test strips. The "Nitrachek" system has established itself as an indispensable tool in many countries. New: The previous 20 measurements are saved with date and time stamps. There is a new automatic corrective-factor multiplication feature. When used properly, the Nitrachek delivers results with a statistical stray zone of about ±10 % accuracy. This is a respectable value for this application range.

2002 Nitrate-nitrogen advisory kit € 690,20
Art.-Nr. Article Accessories Cart
30002005 Nitrate test strips € 35,70
Box with 100 strips
30002006 100 round (ø 150 mm) filters € 14,88
2009 Reflectometer, Nitrachek, calibration solution 100 mg/l NO3 (20 ml), 1 bag of 6 nitrate test strips, operating instructions € 345,10
2010 Calibration solution 100 mg/l NO3, 20 ml bottle € 5,95
2012 Manual and operating instructions € 26,18
30002014 Beaker for measuring volume, 100 ml with cover € 3,57
2020 Timer € 14,28
2021 Brush for cleaning strainer € 4,76
30002030 Wide-neck extraction bottle, 1.0 litre, with top € 6,78
30002040 Beaker, 1 litre € 7,74
with graduation marks
2047 10-ml plastic syringe € 2,14
2550 8 reaction vessels with stands and dosage syringe € 26,18
30005004 Sampling auger € 76,16
30000810 Soil strainer with wooden frame € 43,20
4 mm / 330 x 190 mm with drip pan
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Dimensions and weight of case: 550 x 410 x 180 mm
approx. 6.6 Kg

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