STELZNER® agricultural measurement systems

Photometric NPK determination using the AMOLA® and mobile nutrient analysis in the field with our STELZNER® soil kit – also includes reagents and indicators for the quick test

Reagents and indicators – VISOCOLOR® ECO

Reagents and indicators for performing nutrient analysis in the field.

As a supplement to the STELZNER® soil kit, a variety of VISOCOLOR® reagents or indicators (see page 21) can be used to carry out simple soil analysis in the field. Contact us for more information concerning these additional possibilities for analysis. There are a variety of methods available to suit your individual requirements and required level of precision.

30001861 VISOCOLOR® ECO € 172,55
VISOCOLOR® ECO test kit with colour disc, potassium 2 – 15 mg/l K, for approx. 60 tests
30001862 VISOCOLOR® ECO € 89,25
VISOCOLOR® ECO test kit with colour disc, ammonium 0.2 – 3.0 mg/l NH4, for approx. 50 tests
30001863 VISOCOLOR® ECO € 73,78
VISOCOLOR® ECO test kit with colour disc, phosphate 0.2 – 5 mg/l PO4, for approx. 80 tests
30001864 VISOCOLOR® ECO € 73,78
VISOCOLOR® ECO test kit with colour disc, nitrate 1 – 120 mg/l NO3, for approx. 110 tests
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