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For measuring the pH in soils and liquids, use our pH-AGRAR 2000 for monitoring crop

pH 205 starter set

Precise measurements of pH and temperature for small sample volumes

The pH 205 is a handy insertable meter for measuring pH and temperature. It features automatic temperature compensation. This device is well suited when only small samples are available for measuring, such as for a small partition in a cultivation system. It can also be used to measure in solutions. The insertable probe tip is embedded in impact-resistant plastic. The tip is not sensitive to contamination (thanks to the hole diaphragm) and can be easily replaced. The device also features an illuminated display and buttons with acoustic feedback. Single, double or triple point calibration is possible. The calibration process automatically detects the end value.

30003102 pH 205 starter set € 571,20
One-hand meter with insertion probe for measuring pH and °C, retention cap, gel and calibration bottles, 250 ml pH 4 and pH 7, belt/wall holder and aluminium case
30003100 pH 205 € 452,20
Base unit with insertion probe, retention cap, belt/wall holder
Art.-Nr. Article Accessories Cart
30003030 pH 4.0 buffer solution, 250 ml bottle € 23,21
30003031 pH 7.0 buffer solution 250 ml bottle € 23,21
30003032 pH 10.0 buffer solution 250 ml bottle € 23,21
30003101 Retention cap for pH 205 with KCl gel filling € 28,56
30003103 Spare probe for pH 205 € 224,91
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Measurement range:

pH: 0 to 14

Temperature: 0 to + 60


pH: 0.01

Temperature: 0.1 °C



pH: ± 0.02

Temperature: ± 0.4 °C


two-character illuminated LCD display
Operating temperature:

 During operations: 0 to +50 °C

Storage: −20 to +70 °C


Power supply:
4 LR44 button-cell batteries
Run time:
approx. 80 h
Protection class:
Dimensions and weight: 145 x 38 x 167 mm, 215 g
Dimensions and weight with case: 400 x 320 x 90 mm, 2.7 kg

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