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The WeatherHub system turns your smartphone into a mobile air conditioner: various sensors can control climate data anytime and anywhere; includes a free app for easy operations

Thermo-hygro transmitter

Weatherhub Systems


WeatherHub Standard: The smartphone becomes a mobile air conditioner

Using various sensors, climate data can be monitored anytime and anywhere. Data from the past 90 days can be retrieved worldwide from multiple users. Free app for easy operations, configuring alarm limits with push notifications for alarms. Installation via an internet gateway.
Up to 50 sensors (868 MHz) and linkable devices can be connected. Compatible with iOS or Android® 4.0 (and higher).


WeatherHub PRO
Transmitter with additional functions: including an 18-month history, graphic evaluation of the various values, max/min function and export function.


30004268-A Thermo-hygro transmitter € 73,78
-40 to +60 °C, 1 to 99% rel. humidity
30004269-A Thermo-hygro transmitter € 77,35
with cable sensor, -40 / -50 to +60 / +110 °C, 1 to 99% rel. humidity
30004267-A Temperature transmitter € 53,55
with cable sensor, each -30to +60 °C
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Temperatur: −40 bis +60°C
Temperatur extern: −50 bis +110°C
    Luftfeuchtigkeit: 0 bis 99 % rel. Feuchte

Reichweite Freifeld:
ca. 200 m
2x 1,5 V, AAA Typ

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