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WeatherHub weather station

Climate and home monitoring with your smartphone

Weather station with thermo-hygro transmitter, wireless rain gauge and solar wind gauge

-    Retrieve the data anywhere, any time via smartphone, also accessible with multiple users, Free app.
-    Transmitter for outside temperature and air humidity, rain gauge and rainfall amount Number of rainy days, average rainfall amount, wind gauge with wind direction, wind force, gusts, and maximum wind strength.
-    Current values ​​in real time and historical data,
-    Additional app functionality (graphics and over views, max/min. function and data export), adjustable alarm limits, push messages for alarms, saves up to 90 days.
-    Very easy installation via internet gateway
-    Up to 50 sensors (868 MHz) can be connected.
-    System can be extended with many other types of transmitters.      
-    Including gateway, thermo-hygro transmitter, rain gauge, wind gauge, power adapter for gateway, LAN cable.

30004257 WeatherHub weather station € 189,21
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Measurement range: Temperature: −40 to +60°C
    Air humidity: 0 to 99 % rel. humidity
    Rainfall amount: 0 to 300 mm/h
Wind gust speed: 0 to 180 km/h
Compatibility: iOS 7.0 or Android 3.2 (and higher),
    camera required

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