STELZNER® agricultural measurement systems

Determines soil density, water permeability and soil type; determines plow-compacted areas with soil probe and penetrometer; with stainless steel probe and marking for the soil depth

Soil probe

Detecting compacted soil layer and areas left by ploughs

The stainless steel soil probe is a tool used for detecting (or probing) soil layer densities, water permeability levels, and soil types. It does not require the soil to be dug up. It can be used to detect zones within the topsoil layer which may disturb root growth (too loose or too dense soil) or to find compression zone caused by ploughs or tractors. It is also useful for detecting differences in soil types in the soil zone (for example, loess on clay or peat on sand). The soil probe can also be used for tree care applications.

The soil probe is delivered with two cone-shaped tips. The cones have different surface areas; this allows you to measure in both compacted and loose soils.

30005030 Soil probe € 64,86
Comes supplied with two tips
Art.-Nr. Article Accessories Cart
30005031 Small tip € 11,30
5032 Large tip € 11,31
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Measurement range: 1,000 mm
Marking scale: every 100 mm
Dimensions and weight: ø 8 x 1,150 mm, approx. 450 g

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