STELZNER® agricultural measurement systems

Analogue weather stations and wireless weather stations for measuring temperature, humidity, rainfall, wind force, wind direction – with plant monitor or frost detector

COMPACT weather station

Affordable variant for collecting meteorological measurements.

Building technology:

- Building automation
- Greenhouse control
- Can be integrated into existing control systems
- With digital interface
- Precise and reliable
- Wear-free
- Easy installation

The Compact weather station is designed to meet the diverse demands of building control systems. This device combines precision data acquisition with a very compact design. It is easy to install into new and existing installations. Although it is extremely compact, a total of 11 meteorological parameters can be recorded. No movable parts are used for measuring the wind. The thermal anemometer measures wind speed and wind direction without any mechanical wear. So there is no need for complex maintenance work. The integrated GPS module automatically detects the date, time, station height and geographical position. The time does not need to be set manually. The weather station calculates the azimuth and elevation of the sun's position from its GPS parameters. The reduced air pressure is calculated using the height above sea level and the measured air pressure. All parameters are output using a data telegram. The weather station can be mounted directly on a mast or building (using a wall bracket).

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Wind speed  
Type: Thermal anemometer
Measurement technique: 0 to 30 m/s
Resolution: 0.1 m/s
Accuracy with laminar flow: ±5% (±1.5 m/s)
Wind direction  
Type: Thermal anemometer
Measurement technique: 0 to 360 °C
Resolution: 1 °C
Accuracy with laminar flow: ±10 °C
Type: Silicon sensor (north, east, south, west)
Measurement range: 0 to 150 kLux
Resolution: 0.1 kLux
Precision: ±3% (±4.5 kLux)
Spectral range: 475 to 650 nm
Type: Silicon Sensor
Measurement range: 0 to 500 lux
Resolution: 1 lux
Precision: ±10 lux
Global radiation  
Type: Silicon Sensor
Measurement range: 0 to 1300 W/m2
Resolution: 1 W/m2
Precision: ± 10% (± 130 W/m2)
Spectral range: 350 to 1100 nm
Type: Conductivity measurement
Measurement range: 0/1 (precipitation: yes/no)
Heating capacity: Dry sensor: 0.1 W (condensation protection)
Wet sensor: 1.1 W (active drying)
Drying phase: 3.5 minutes
Type: PT1000
Measurement range:: -30 to +60 °C
Resolution: 0.1 °C
Accuracy at WG > 2 m/s
and temperature -5 °C to +25 °C:
±1 °C
Relative Air humidity  
Measurement range: 0 to 100 %
Resolution: 0.1 %
Precision: ± 10% @ 10 to 90%
Air pressure  
Type: Piezo resistive
Measurement range: 300 to 1100 hPa
Resolution: 0.01 hPa
Precision: ± 0.5 hPa @ 20 °C
Long-term stability: ± 0.1 hPa / year
GPS receiver  
Received data: Latitude, longitude, date/time,
station heigh
Positional accuracy: 3 metres (50% CEP)
Digital interface  
Type: RS485
Operating mode: Half-duplex mode
Data format: 8 N1
Baud rates: 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200,
38400, 57600, 115200
Protocol: MODBUS RTU
General information  
Operating voltage: 18 to 30 V AC/DC, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption: < 300 mA @ 24 V DC
Temperature: -30 to +60 °C
Time: GPS receiver with battery-backed real-time clock
for about 3 days
Material: PC
Mast support: 25 mm pipe diameter
Dimensions: ø 130 mm x 67.5 mm
Weight: 0.22 kg
Protection: IP64 when in usage position
Connection: 5-pin plug

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