STELZNER® agricultural measurement systems

Analogue weather stations and wireless weather stations for measuring temperature, humidity, rainfall, wind force, wind direction – with plant monitor or frost detector

Wireless weather station Connect

Weather forecast with weather symbols and air pressure trend, and with connection to a WeatherHub system

Funkwetterstation mit einer Funksendeeinheit für Temperatur und Luftfeuchtigkeit bis max. 100 m (Freifeld). Minimum- und Maximumtemperaturen mit Datum und Uhrzeit. Grafische Darstellung des Luftdruckverlaufs der letzten 12 Stunden. Funkuhr mit Datum und Weckalarm. Montage an der Wand oder zum Aufstellen.

30004245 Wireless weather station Connect € 79,73
Wireless weather station with a remote transmitter unit for temperature and humidity
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Measurement range: Indoor temperature: −10 °C to +60 °C
Outdoor temperature: −40 to +60 °C
    Indoor air humidity: 20 to 95 % rel. humidity
    Outdoor accuracy: 1 to 99% rel. humidity
Resolution: Temperature: 0,1 °C
    Air humidity: 1 % rel. humidity
Power supply:

Base unit: Two 1.5 V C batteries
    Sensor: Two 1.5 V AA batteries

Dimensions and weight: 160 x 36(56) x 130(145) mm, approx. 260 g

Soil probe

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