STELZNER® agricultural measurement systems

Analogue weather stations and wireless weather stations for measuring temperature, humidity, rainfall, wind force, wind direction – with plant monitor or frost detector

Weather PRO wireless weather station

For measuring temperature, air humidity, rain quantity, wind strength, wind direction and air pressure.

Wireless transmission of outdoor values via transmitter (max. 100 m open field), display of outdoor temperature and humidity, rainfall, wind speed and direction, indoor temperature and humidity, relative air pressure with historical values of the last 24 hours, weather forecast with symbols and air pressure tendency, graphical display of the course of air pressure, calculation of wind-chill factor temperature, max-min function with time and date of storage, programmable alarm states (e.g. temperature alarm, storm warning, etc.), radio-controlled clock, date display with weekday (8 languages), connect max. 3 external temperature-hygro transmitters with display.

30004246 Weather PRO wireless weather station € 152,92
Base station with thermo-hygro transmitter, rain gauge, wind transmitter, operating instructions, batteries
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30004247 Thermo-hygro sensor € 16,66
30004248 Wireless rain gauge € 30,94
30004249 Solar wind sensor € 71,40
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Base station: for standing or hanging position
Range: max. 100 m (in open field)

max. 3

Clock: Radio-controlled clock
Power supply:: Base station: three 1.5 volt AA size
    Wind gauge: two 1.5 volt AA size
    Rain gauge: Two 1.5 volt AA batteries, USB 2m
    Thermo-hygro sensor: Two 1.5 volt AA batteries
Dimensions and weight of base unit:

226 x 30(86) x 138(132) mm, approx. 311 g

Transmission frequency: 433 MHz
Measurement range: Indoor temperature: 0 to +50 °C
Outdoor temperature: -40 to +60 °C
   Outdoor humidity: 10 to 99% rel. humidity
    Outdoor accuracy: 10 to 99% rel. humidity
    Air pressure: trend display
    Wind direction: 16 positions
    Wind speed: 0 to 178 km/h
    Rainfall amount: 0 to 1,999.9 mm
Daily rainfall amount: 0 to 199.9 mm
    Rainfall history: 0 to 9,999 mm
Resolution: Temperature: 0.1 °C
Air humidity: 1% rel. humidity
    Air pressure: 0.1 hPa
    Wind direction: 22.5°
Wind speed: 0.1 km/h (up to 19.9 km/h),
    1 km/h (>19.9 km/h)
Accuracy: Temperature: ±1 °C (0 to +50 °C)
 Air humidity: ±5 % @ 25 °C
    (30 to 85 % rel. humidity)
   Wind speed: ±10%, ±3 m/h
    Wind speed: ± (2 km/h + 5%)

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