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4-wire conductivity electrodes

Conductivity electrode


Conductive 2-wire or 4-wire electrode measuring cells for measuring electrolytic conductivity of a solution (the salinity).

4-wire conductivity electrodes

The 4-wire conductivity electrode consists of four electrodes (2 voltage electrodes and 2 current electrodes) which are made of special carbon with an integrated temperature sensor. The current electrodes provide the power necessary for the measurement. The voltage electrodes are used to determine the voltage drop in the measuring solution and to calculate the conductivity.



– interfering polarization resistances do not influence the measurement
– minimal dependence of the measurement results on the electrode's degree of contamination
– no influence of the cable lengths for great conductivities


Usage: chemicals, laboratory, food industry, water management, environmental analysis


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Elektroden mit PG 13,5 Industriesteckkopf und 1m Kabel, freies Ende, NTC10K bei Leitfähigkeitselektroden mit integrierter Elektronik Elektroden mit 1m Kabel, freies Ende, Ausgangsspannung 0-2 VDC, temperaturkompensiert



40170105 4-wire conductivity electrodes € 285,60
(145 mm x ø 15 mm, black)
40173100 4-wire conductivity electrode € 440,30
with integrated electronics (145 mm x ø 22 mm, grey)
Art.-Nr. Article Accessories Cart
40xxxxxx Electronic extern € 113,05
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Measurement range:

200 mS/cm




± 1.5 % of measured value

Temperature sensor:


Operating temperature:

0 to 50°C

Shaft material:




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