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KM 3000

KM 3000 multi-parameter measuring system

The KM 3000 multi-parameter controller has a modular bus structure; it provides excellent functionality, maximum operational reliability, outstanding ease, and a wide range of customized configuration options. The KM 3000 offers a complete system solution for any application where multiple parameters need to be detected on-line, and where these measurements need to be transmitted and evaluated very reliably. It also is capable of documenting and controlling processes.

45KM3000 Multi-parameter Request Price
Controller base unit
45BUSKAB Kable for KM3000 € 21,98
45DAC3000 Kable for KM3000 € 300,36
45DAC3CAN Kable for KM3000 € 521,34
45MVM2210 pH measuring module Request Price
0 to14 pH, without electrode
45MVM2216 ISE measuring module Request Price
NH4, NO3, etc., without electrode
45MVM2220 Conductivity transmitter Request Price
0 to 20 mS / cm, without electrode
45GSM3000 GSM/GPRS modem Request Price
Others available on request
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max. of 16: pH, redox, conductivity,
O2, CO2, ISE (NH4, NO3, Cl, F, K etc.)

Display: 5.7“ touchscreen
Data logger: Approx. 100,000 parameter sets
Analogue outputs: 4 x 0(4) to 20 mA
Relay outputs: 4 x potential-free outputs,
max. 3 A, 250 VAC
Interface: USB, RS285, RS485
Power supply: 115/230 VAC, 48 to 63 Hz
or 15 to 30 VAC/DC
Housing: Wall mount, in aluminium
Protection degree: IP 65 (EN 60529)
Dimensions: 240 x 240 x 120 mm

Bambach-BLUMAT plug-in tensiometer

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