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Phyto monitoring


The SSM 6000 Phyto stationary analysis system is used for continual measurements of ethylene and carbon dioxide in plants and crops.

Using gas exchange measurements on plant parts (such as on leaves or fruits), it is possible to determine information on plant growth and biological activity. Conditions for plant growth can be optimized and resource usage can be minimized by measuring the concentrations of ethylene and carbon dioxide.

The limit values for plant stress conditions can be determined using these measured variables. This information can then be used in conjunction with an automation system to provide process control within the greenhouse.

Example of usage

Fully automatic continuous monitoring of plant physiological data in tomato greenhouses: for improving the yield or discovering energy saving potential. Integration of the data obtained into the greenhouse control mechanism.

Measured data collected
– CO2 gas changes (photosynthesis, respiration)
– Leaf temperature
– Photosynthetically active radiation (PAR)
– Global radiation
– Leaf transpiration

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