STELZNER® agricultural measurement systems

Our advisory kits for measuring pH: the pH AGRAR 2000, the PET 2000 for measuring nutrient salt intake, the MULTI ISE for determining individual nutrients, the EC 2000 for measuring conductivity, the PE Controller for monitoring crop nutrients, the MULTI 2000 for measuring activity, conductivity and temperature, and the Type-X, Type-V, Type-VII and Type-III combination kits

Type-VI advisory kit Type-VI advisory kit
For measuring activity and conductivity
GaLaBau advisory kit GaLaBau advisory kit
Measuring activity and pH
pH AGRAR 2000 Set pH AGRAR 2000 Set
for measuring pH either directly on-site in the soil or in the lab
AMOLA® AGRAR MOBILE LAB with accessories AMOLA® AGRAR MOBILE LAB with accessories
Using the AMOLA® for photometric determination of NPK
STELZNER® soil kit STELZNER® soil kit
Mobile nutrient analysis in the field
The MULTI ISE for measuring the individual nitrate, ammonium and potassium components in soil solution and ions in aqueous solutions
Type-V advisory kit Type-V advisory kit
Measuring activity and pH
Nitrate determination
Type-X advisory kit Type-X advisory kit
For measuring activity, pH and conductivity
Type-VII advisory kit Type-VII advisory kit
For measuring pH and conductivity
EC 2000 EC 2000
Measuring conductivity in a solution
PE controller PE controller
Straightforward monitoring of plant nourishment

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