Disposable data logger Disposable data logger
Measuring temperature
Type-VI advisory kit Type-VI advisory kit
For measuring activity and conductivity
BWK 2000 BWK 2000
Determining the water balance
HYDRO 2000 HYDRO 2000
Determining the volumetric water content in the soil
Measuring the photon flux density
PAR 2000 PAR 2000
Measuring the photon flux density
GaLaBau advisory kit GaLaBau advisory kit
Measuring activity and pH
Laser thermometer Laser thermometer
Laser infrared thermometer
WeatherHub rain gauge WeatherHub rain gauge
Wireless rain gauge with many functions
All-purpose sizing ring All-purpose sizing ring
Measuring with the all-purpose loops
Tensiometer Classic Tensiometer Classic
Analogue measurement of the suction tension
WeatherHub weather station WeatherHub weather station
Climate and home monitoring with your smartphone
TensioLogger TRL 2.5 TensioLogger TRL 2.5
Analogue tensiometer with data logger
Outdoor weather station Outdoor weather station
Displays air humidity, air pressure and air temperature....
Kohlendioxid-/ Klimamess- gerät mit Bluetooth Carbon dioxide/humidity meter
Mobile carbon dioxide / humidity measurements
Carbon dioxide/humidity meter Carbon dioxide/humidity meter
Mobile carbon dioxide / humidity measurements
Wireless weather station Connect Wireless weather station Connect
Weather forecast with weather symbols and air pressure trend, and with connection to a WeatherHub system
NEXUS wireless weather station NEXUS wireless weather station
For measuring temperature, air humidity, rain quantity, wind strength, wind direction and air pressure
MW 804 MW 804
The pocket tester for pH, conductivity and temperature
SensorMatic15 SensorMatic15
Sensor-controlled switching unit for small irrigation systems
Phytomonitoring SSM 6000 Phyto
Phyto monitoring
Oxygen/temperature lance Oxygen/temperature lance
Oxygen and temperature analysis for composting
PET 2000 PET 2000
Activity measurements and monitoring crop nourishment
Desalination cartridge Desalination cartridge
Water purifier cartridge for non-pressurized desalination
Smartphone wind gauge Smartphone wind gauge
Wind gauge for measuring the current wind speed: can be...
pH AGRAR 2000 Set pH AGRAR 2000 Set
for measuring pH either directly on-site in the soil or in the lab
Min/max thermometer Min/max thermometer
230 x 79 mm, 120 g
Gardener thermometer Gardener thermometer
Analogue Thermometer
Gardener thermometer Gardener thermometer
Analogue Thermometer
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