STELZNER® agricultural measurement systems

Measuring instruments for soil moisture and water monitoring, using sensors, tensiometers and data loggers

BWK 2000 BWK 2000
Determining the water balance
HYDRO 2000 HYDRO 2000
Determining the volumetric water content in the soil
Tensiometer Classic Tensiometer Classic
Analogue measurement of the suction tension
SensorMatic15 SensorMatic15
Sensor-controlled switching unit for small irrigation systems
TensioLogger TRL 2.5 TensioLogger TRL 2.5
Analogue tensiometer with data logger
Thirsty Light® Thirsty Light®
Simple means for checking the soil moisture
FFF Feld-Feuchte-Funk FFF Field Humidity Wireless
Remote wireless monitoring
Thermal hygrometer Thermal hygrometer
Smartphone Products
Weather-Disc Weather-Disc
Smartphone Products
TDR 350 TDR 350
Soil moisture and conductivity meter TDR 350
TDR 150 TDR 150
Soil moisture meter TDR 150
SM150 soil moisture sensor SM150 soil moisture sensor
Measuring the volumetric soil moisture
VG 200 soil moisture meter VG 200 soil moisture meter
The VG 200 is an affordable soil moisture meter for...
Pocket hygrometer Pocket hygrometer
Measuring air humidity and temperature
Hygrometer Hygrometer
Measures air humidity and temperature
Material moisture meter Material moisture meter
Measures moisture in wood and construction material
BWK 2000 BWK 2000
Soil-water inspection
Hay/straw moisture meter Hay/straw moisture meter
The hay/straw moisture meter is used to determine the...
Insertion hygrometer Insertion hygrometer
Measuring the relative humidity

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