Bambach – TensioController Bambach – TensioController
TensioController An application-dependent module system...
Bambach – Electronic tensiometers Bambach – Electronic tensiometers
E-sensors are electronic pressure sensors for...
Manual wind gauge Manual wind gauge
Funkwetterstation Weather PRO Weather PRO wireless weather station
For measuring temperature, air humidity, rain quantity, wind strength, wind direction and air pressure.
Bambach-BLUMAT plug-in tensiometer Bambach-BLUMAT plug-in tensiometer
For analogue measurements of the suction tension
Bambach Premium plug-in tensiometer Bambach Premium plug-in tensiometer
The special features of this design are the spacious,...
M-Sensoren Bambach-Switching sensors
M-sensors are pressure manostat monitors that provide the...
Bambach - Manometer for tensiometer Bambach - Manometer for tensiometer
Analogue manometer As a pressure measuring instrument,...
Bambach Small tensiometer Bambach Small tensiometer
Small plug-in tensiometers can have two different porous...
Surface tensiometer Surface tensiometer
Surface tensiometers can be used for measuring the...
Aquaflex for HYDRO 2000 Aquaflex for HYDRO 2000
Determining the volumetric water content in the soil
HYDRO 2000 with plug connection HYDRO 2000 with plug connection
Determining the volumetric water content in the soil
GaLaBau advisory kit GaLaBau advisory kit
Measuring activity and pH
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