Measuring the photon flux density
PAR 2000 PAR 2000
Measuring the photon flux density
HYDRO 2000 HYDRO 2000
Determining the volumetric water content in the soil
Laser thermometer Laser thermometer
Laser infrared thermometer
Kohlendioxid-/ Klimamess- gerät mit Bluetooth Carbon dioxide/humidity meter
Mobile carbon dioxide / humidity measurements
Löffelwaage Spoon scale
Spoon scale for weighing small quantities. Practical...
FFF Feld-Feuchte-Funk FFF Field Humidity Wireless
Remote wireless monitoring
Disposable data logger Disposable data logger
Measuring temperature
TDR 350 TDR 350
Soil moisture and conductivity meter TDR 350
TDR 150 TDR 150
Soil moisture meter TDR 150

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