STELZNERĀ® agricultural measurement systems

For measuring the pH in soils and liquids, use our pH-AGRAR 2000 for monitoring crop

pH AGRAR 2000 Set pH AGRAR 2000 Set
for measuring pH either directly on-site in the soil or in the lab
pH flow meter pH flow meter
pH measuring transducer
T flow fitting 1" T flow fitting 1"
Tee piece with fitting aid
pH 55 pH 55
pH/T Pocket Tester
pHep4 pHep4
pH/T Pocket Tester
Hellige pH meter Hellige pH meter
Simple pH soil testing
pH Soiltester pH Soiltester
Sturdy tester for direct measurements in the field
pH 205 pH 205
Precise measurements of pH and temperature for small sample volumes

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