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Using the AMOLA® for photometric determination of NPK


The AMOLA® Agrar Mobile Lab contains all the key reagents, equipment and accessories that you need to make a quick, easy and reliable assessment in the lab or in the field. It can be used to determine any of the main readily soluble, plant-available nutrients: nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (NPK). It is useful for agriculture, horticulture, tree nurseries and composting plants applications. Consultants and plant production specialists also make use of the AMOLA®.

After a sample is taken, the ammonium NH4, nitrate NO3, potassium K and phosphate  PO4 in the soil are converted by extraction into liquids and treated with a specific colour reagent. The intensity of the colour indicates the quantity found in the soil of each of these substances.

The AMOLA® base unit provides you with an objective determination of the colour intensity. The sample type (e.g. mineral soil, substrate, water) and the desired soil component are first specified – then the desired measurement is displayed using the relevant units. For mineral soils, the displayed unit is kg/ha (kilograms per hectare) or mg/kg soil (milligrams per kilogram). For horticulture substrates the unit is in mg/l of substrate (milligrams per litre), and for water samples the unit is mg/l (milligrams per litre ).

Ammonium can be specified as NH4 and NH4; nitrate can be specified as NO3 and NO3-N. The total nitrogen is determined from the sum of the ammonium- and nitrate-nitrogen  (NH4-N + NO3-N). Phosphate is calculated as PO4, PO4-P or P2O5, potassium is calculated as K or K2O.

The manual (included here) uses simple illustrations to describe the sampling, processing, extraction and analysis methods.

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