STELZNER® agricultural measurement systems

Our advisory kits for measuring pH: the pH AGRAR 2000, the PET 2000 for measuring nutrient salt intake, the MULTI ISE for determining individual nutrients, the EC 2000 for measuring conductivity, the PE Controller for monitoring crop nutrients, the MULTI 2000 for measuring activity, conductivity and temperature, and the Type-X, Type-V, Type-VII and Type-III combination kits

STELZNER® soil kit

Mobile nutrient analysis in the field

The STELZNER® soil kit includes all instruments and accessories required for producing the soil extracts and the subsequent determination of phosphate (P), soil structure, potassium (K), pH, ammonium, nitrite and nitrate (N). The soil extracts are produced either with a calcium-acetate-lactate (CAL) solution (for determining P and K) or with a CaCl2 solution (for determining N and pH).

If your national soil-analysis regulations or local geological conditions require, the STELZNER® soil kit can also be equipped with extraction solutions other than CaCl2 or CAL.

The detailed instructions make it easy to carry out on-site analysis of the nutrients. Depending on your requirements, there are different reagents, indicators and instruments available to determine your key nutrients. The AMOLA® allows you to precisely analyse weak concentrations and a variety of other materials. Reagents and indicators are very useful for making speedy determinations directly in the field. The NITRAT 2000 and the Nitrachek are excellent choices for measuring nitrate.

30001875 STELZNER® soil kit € 487,90
Case, sampling auger, 2-mm strainer with drip pan, precision scale, spray bottle with deionised water, 2 funnels, 100 folded filters, 4 extraction bottles, 100-ml beaker, 2 250-ml beakers and 2 400-ml beakers, 6 volume-measuring beaker with covers, 500-ml screw-top can, plastic syringes, glass stirring rods, 4 0.5-l extraction bottles, 2 plastic shovels, metal scoop, cuvette cell stand with 16 empty 1-l reagents, CaCl2 extraction concentrate and CAL
Art.-Nr. Article Accessories Cart
30001876 CaCl2 extraction concentrate, 1 litre rectangular bottle   € 29,75
30001877 CAL extraction concentrate, 1 litre rectangular bottle € 42,25
30002026 Cuvette cell stand 16-x € 29,04
incl. sample bottle with lid
30002029 Wide-neck extraction bottle, 0.5 litre, with top € 5,41
30002030 Wide-neck extraction bottle, 1.0 litre, with top € 6,78
30002031 Powder funnel € 6,78
ø 120 mm
30002033 100 fluted filters (ø 240 mm) for analysis € 39,98
30002042 Liquid funnel € 8,09
ø 80 mm
30002043 Powder funnel € 8,09
ø 80 mm
30002044 250-ml beaker € 7,74
with graduation marks
30002045 Beaker, 500 ml, with grading scale € 6,43
30002046 Screw-top can, 500 ml € 12,91
30002048 Glass stirrer, ø 10 mm, approx. 15cm € 4,05
30002049 25-ml plastic shovel € 3,33
30002051 Metal scoop, flat surface and spoon € 7,74
30000810 Soil strainer with wooden frame € 57,12
4 mm / 330 x 190 mm with drip pan
30000820 Drip pan for soil strainer € 6,13
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