STELZNER® agricultural measurement systems

Measures the precipitation and wind, with event reporting system, and digital thermometers with event notification

Temperature probes

Temperature probes with NiCr-Ni component

The stainless steel temperature probe with NiCr-Ni component is available for a variety of applications in a range of lengths. The 4009, 4020 and 4030 models of the probes are perfect for composting applications. Customer-specific versions are also available (for example, with a second temperature sensor for simultaneous probe measurements at 1 metre and 2 metre depths). Smaller probes are available for laboratory applications, cultivation systems or surface measurements.

An optional connection to the EMS 323 event reporting system for a temperature transmitter is also available.

Ground frost warning system, consisting of:
4900    Event reporting system
4009    Temperature measuring probe (1 metre)
4915    Temperature transmitter Type K, for connecting to the EMS

Frost warning system, consisting of:
4900    Event reporting system
4910    Room temperature sensor

30004009 Temperature probe € 119,00
ø 12 mm, 1,000 mm
30004910 Room temperature sensor € 118,40
30004915 Temperature transmitter € 148,75
Type K, for connecting to the EMS
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      4009, 4020, 4030, 4089
Measurement range: −20 to +80 °C
Thermocouple: Type K, class 1
Connection length: 45 cm, or approx. 1.7 m stretched


PET 2000

The PET 2000 activity meter can measure the potential absorption of nutrient salts under the same conditions as the actual nutrient salt absorption through the roots. This means that the dissolved salt content is measured in the soil and... ...more Topseller

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