STELZNER® agricultural measurement systems

Measures the precipitation and wind, with event reporting system, and digital thermometers with event notification

Temperature probes

Temperature probes with NiCr-Ni component

The stainless steel temperature probe with NiCr-Ni component is available for a variety of applications in a range of lengths. The 4009, 4020 and 4030 models of the probes are perfect for composting applications. Customer-specific versions are also available (for example, with a second temperature sensor for simultaneous probe measurements at 1 metre and 2 metre depths). Smaller probes are available for laboratory applications, cultivation systems or surface measurements.

An optional connection to the EMS 323 event reporting system for a temperature transmitter is also available.

Ground frost warning system, consisting of:
4900    Event reporting system
4009    Temperature measuring probe (1 metre)
4915    Temperature transmitter Type K, for connecting to the EMS

Frost warning system, consisting of:
4900    Event reporting system
4910    Room temperature sensor

30004009 Temperature probe € 114,24
ø 12 mm, 1,000 mm
30004910 Room temperature sensor € 118,40
30004915 Temperature transmitter € 148,75
Type K, for connecting to the EMS
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      4009, 4020, 4030, 4089
Measurement range: −20 to +80 °C
Thermocouple: Type K, class 1
Connection length: 45 cm, or approx. 1.7 m stretched


Bambach-BLUMATplug-in tensiometer

A tensiometer is used to measure suction tension. The porous cell of the tensiometer uses capillary action to transport water outwards into the drier soil. A negative pressure is then created within the closed pipe. This negative... ...more Topseller

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