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Carbon dioxide/humidity meter

Mobile carbon dioxide / humidity measurements

Mobile measuring device for carbon dioxide and humidity in the ambient air. NDIR sensor for measuring carbon dioxide. External sensor for air humidity and carbon dioxide.
Minimum/maximum functions. The meter can also calculate the dew point. Perfect for use in greenhouses. Can switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit degrees. The device comes with a case.

30004390 Carbon dioxide/humidity meter € 916,30
(air conditioner, climatic probe for CO2 /rF/T and case), other climatic probes available on request
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Measurement range: CO2: 0 to 4,000 ppm
    Air humidity: 10 to 95 % rel. humidity
    Temperature: 0.0 to +50 °C
    Dew point: –25.3 to +48.9 °C
CO2: 1 ppm
    Air humidity: 0.1% rel. humidity
    Temperature: 0.1 °C
    Dew point: 0.1 °C

CO2: ±-40 ppm (< 1,000 ppm)
    ±5% meas. value (> 1,000 to < 3,000 ppm)
    ± 250 ppm (> 3,000 ppm)
    Air humidity: ±3% meas. value (< 70% relative humidity)
    ±3% meas. value +1% (> 70% relative humidity)
Temperature: 0.8 °C

Display: two-character LCD display
Operating temperature: 0 to +50 °C
Power supply: One nine-volt battery, size 6LR61

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