STELZNER® agricultural measurement systems

Measuring instruments for soil moisture and water monitoring, using sensors, tensiometers and data loggers

Bambach-Stecktensiometer Premium-BL

The special features of this design are the spacious, stable tube and the strong, long, cylindrical porous cell. In addition to its mechanical stability, a key advantage is the extended service life that results from the greater filling volume.


The shrunk protective tube with viewing window increases the tightness of the seal. Tensiometers usually protrude 8 to 10 cm from the ground to avoid the temperature influence of tubes protruding too far out of the ground. The total length should therefore be determined by the desired measuring depth. It is also possible to connect different thread types to implement irrigation controls with switching sensors etc.


Please, order the digital manometer separately.


Vegetable crops, soft fruits, small woody plants, Root zone:
Overall length 24 cm, 34 cm, Insertion depth    approx. 15 cm, 25 cm 


Woody plants, trees, Root zone:
Overall length 44 cm, 54 cm, Insertion depth approx. 35 cm, 45 cm


Depth measurements for trees, Monitoring seap (leakage) water: 

Overall length  64 cm, 74 cm, Insertion depth approx. 55 cm, 65 cm

50123034 Type LM-BL, length 34 cm € 36,89
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Tube diameter: ø 25 mm
Porous cell: 20 x 65 mm, cylindrical
Threaded connection:   BL for digital manometer


The penetrometer is used to precisely determine the soil density. The stainless steel probe is scaled to mark the soil depth. The display features an easy-to-read colour scale. Plants living in dense soils can only absorb a limited... ...more Topseller

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