STELZNER® agricultural measurement systems

Measuring instruments for soil moisture and water monitoring, using sensors, tensiometers and data loggers

Surface tensiometer

Surface tensiometers can be used for measuring the moisture on irrigation fleeces, on substrate surfaces, within the substrate, as well as on other technical fleeces. Together with a switch sensor or E-sensor, they are used for irrigation control in mat irrigation systems – with either drip or flood systems – or in thin-layer crops with drip systems. More frequent refilling is required at suction pressures above approx. 300 hPa.


Height approx. 65 mm, Diameter of clay foot approx. 70 mm, Configuration also with T-piece 45° with two GL14s.


Please, order the digital manometer separately.

501110-IT45 Typ FV-IT45 € 63,07
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Porous cell: approx. diameter of 70 mm
Threaded connection: BL: for digital manometer,
GL14: for analogue manometer+sensors,
    IT45: for two GL14s, 45°

Soil probe

The stainless steel soil probe is a tool used for detecting (or probing) soil layer densities, water permeability levels, and soil types. It does not require the soil to be dug up. It can be used to detect zones within the topsoil layer... ...more Topseller

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