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Measuring instruments for soil moisture and water monitoring, using sensors, tensiometers and data loggers

Data logger for tensiometers and volume sensors

TensioLogger TRL

Using the TensioLogger, you can easily store and read out the measurement data for your volume sensors and tensiometers. The TensioLogger has 4 digital interfaces. These can either be used to directly connect up to 8 digital sensors or for connecting expansion boxes. Further analogue or digital sensors can then be connected to such expansion boxes. This modular design enables you to simultaneous connect very many sensors to one TensioLogger unit. Suitable software (which is installed on your PC) is provided for changing the TensioLogger settings and exporting the measurement data. The TensioLogger is connected to the PC via the USB cable supplied. The TensioLogger can be supplied with power via the integrated battery pack; for more stationary use, a mains power connection or a solar module may also be used.

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  TensioLogger TRL
Operating system: T-bus (RS 485)
Power supply:     5 – 12 VDC
 Power supply: Battery pack in cover (4x1.5 V mono),
    optional external 5-VDC power supply or solar panel
Power requirements: max. 800 mA per port
Inputs: 4 separately switched sensor ports
Memory capacity:
16 MB, resolution 1 mV to 10 V
2G (4G) modem with SIM card,
    via FTP protocol
Connections: 1 socket for supply,
    2 sockets for sensors, optionally 4 sockets
PC connection: Adapter cable RS485-USB
Housing: Plastic (PC), 100x200x70 cm, IP 66




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