STELZNER® agricultural measurement systems

Measuring instruments for soil moisture and water monitoring, using sensors, tensiometers and data loggers

Thread adapter GL14 > BL

Analogue manometer

As a pressure measuring instrument, the manometer displays the suction tension of a tensiometer directly and without any preparation. These instruments are maintenance-free and very durable. However, they are classified as a sensitive measuring device and thus must be handled with appropriate care. The manometers are adjusted individually and the zero point can be set. Together with M-sensors, they are used for control measurements or to assess the set switching point.


Digital manometer
The digital manometer consists of a piezo-resistive pressure sensor and the display electronics with battery-supplied power. It must be switched on by pressing a button. In all other respects, the usage corresponds to that of the analogue manometer. Combined usage with an M-sensor is also possible by means of a T-piece.

501312 Thread adapter GL14 > BL € 30,58
501707 Manometer M 600 € 83,06
Measurement range: 0 to -600 mbar
501721 Blumat digital manometer € 38,73
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Bambach-BLUMAT plug-in tensiometer

A tensiometer is used to measure suction tension. The porous cell of the tensiometer uses capillary action to transport water outwards into the drier soil. A negative pressure is then created within the closed pipe. This negative... ...more Topseller

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