STELZNER® agricultural measurement systems

Photometric NPK determination using the AMOLA® and mobile nutrient analysis in the field with our STELZNER® soil kit – also includes reagents and indicators for the quick test

Strainer machine

Lab strainer machine and accessories

Strainer machine for the laboratory, for max. 16 analysis strainers, with 50-mm edge height, and up to 215 mm ø. Dry and wet sieving/straining are both possible. Stainless steel strainers in compliance with DIN ISO 3310/1, with 200 mm diameter and 50 mm edge height. Additional sizes are available on request.

30006080 Laboratory screening machine Request Price
Art.-Nr. Article Accessories Cart
6054 63 µm Request Price
6057 200 µm Request Price
6060 630 µm Request Price
6061 20.00 mm Request Price
6062 5.00 mm Request Price
6063 1.00 mm Request Price
6064 2.00 mm Request Price
6065 4.00 mm Request Price
6066 6.30 mm Request Price
6068 10.00 mm Request Price
6069 Strainer cover Request Price
6070 Collection base Request Price
6071 Intermediate base Request Price
6072 Intermediate ring Request Price
6073 Base with run-off Request Price
6074 Spare seal € 4,17
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Tensiometer Classic

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