T2 data logger

The data logger enables the precise monitoring and recording of the temperature. An internal sensor for temperature monitoring as well as two external connections (type K), USB interface for automatic data transfer (as PDF) to your PC. A 5-minute measuring interval is pre-set. Configuration software is optional. (Save interval is adjustable from 10 seconds to 24 hours). Alarm issued when certain limit values are exceeded or not reached. Integrated motion detector for recording and documenting vibrations. There is a status and alarm LED under the display. This device has a high/low function and a time marker.

30004305 T2 data logger € 124,95
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Modell T2
1 temperature internal, 2 NiCr-Ni external, type K

Measurement range: –150 bis 1.370 °C
Resolution:  0.1 °C
Measurement storage capacity: approx. 60,000 data sets 
Power supply: 1 x 3.6V ½ AA
Wall bracket: yes

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