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TM 40, TM 40 CO2, LF 40, AM 40, ISE 40

Measures pH, redox, ion concentrations, conductivity and dissolved gases

These measuring devices offer the advantages of a mobile field unit together with the precision and comfort of a laboratory instrument: with high measurement accuracy, a multifunction graphic display, integrated data logger and heavy-duty IP65 housing. The important GLP functions – such as date/time, primary measured value, secondary measured value (​​including the physical units), temperature and device number – are transmitted and recorded in the data file.

The TM 40 features automatic temperature compensation for pH measurements and manual temperature input when measuring without a temperature sensor. Either manual or automatic two-point calibration is available for the calibration.

The ISE 40 takes temperature-compensated measurements of ion concentrations across a wide range of concentrations.

The ISE 40 CO2 enables dissolved carbon dioxide to be measured in an aqueous solution.

The LF 40 is perfectly suited for checking electrical conductivity, salinity and temperature in surface waters, waste water and during waste water treatment.

The AM 40 is ideal for checking oxygen content in surface waters, waste water and during waste water treatment. The measuring device, in communication with the sensor, simultaneously detects the mass concentration of the dissolved oxygen in mg/l, the oxygen saturation index (% saturation) and the temperature.

The measuring device can also be used to measure the redox potential or ISE potential relative to the standard hydrogen electrode, in accordance with DIN 38404.

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Measurement range:

TM40: pH: 0 to 14; −1,999 to 1,999 mV;
TM40 CO2: 0.1 to 3,000 mg/l;
ISE40: 0.1 mg/l to 100 g/l;
LF 40: LF: 0 to 200 µS/cm; 0 to 2.000 µS/cm;
    0 to 20 mS/cm; 0 to 500 mS/cm;
    automatic measuring range switch-over;;
    TDS: 0 to 200 mg/l; 0 bis 2,000 mg/l;
    0 bis 20 g/l; 0 to 500 g/l;
Salinity: 0 to 70 g/kg;;
AM40: O2: 0 bis 200 %; 0 to 20 mg/l


TM40: 0.01 pH; 1 mV
ISE40, TM40 CO2: 0.1 mg/l 
LF40: 0,1 µS; 1 µS; 0,01 mS; 0.1 mS
AM40: 1 %; 0,01 mg/l, Temperatur:  0,1 °C

Precision: TM40: ± 0,02 pH; ± 1 mV
LF40 : ± 1% to 200mS
AM40: ± 1 %; ± 0,01 mg/l
Display: graphic LCD, 128 x 64 px, back-lit
Communication port: USB, electrical/galvanic isolation
Data logger:

4,000 data records

Protection degree: IP65
Power supply: 3 x AA, IEC R6, LR6, 1.5 V
Dimensions and weight: 200 x 95 x 40 mm, approx. 290 g

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