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Multi-parameter laboratory controller

Measures pH, redox, ion concentrations, conductivity and dissolved gases

The LM 3000 multi-parameter laboratory controller has a modular bus structure; it provides excellent functionality, maximum operational reliability, outstanding ease of use, and a wide range of customized configuration options.

The LM 3000 offers a complete system solution whenever several electrochemical quality parameters need to be detected on-line in a laboratory setting, and where these measurements need to be transmitted and evaluated very reliably.

The main functional units of the LM 3000 multi-
parameter laboratory measurement system are:

The LM 3000 multi-parameter laboratory base unit with power supply, touchscreen display (backlit 5.7”, 320 x 240 pixels, with full-text menu navigation)  4 potential-free (floating) relay outputs, data logger and logbook, various digital interfaces such as RS232, USB and Ethernet

• Internal measuring modules (max. 4)
• PC-based visualization program
• Sensors
• Optional sampler, up to 72 samples depending on type (e.g. TW Alpha plus)
• Optional Titronic 500 dosage system
• Optional stirrer

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Measuring module for pH, conductivity, ISE etc.: available on request
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Auxiliary power: 24 VDC desktop power supply unit,
    voltage cut-off switch on the device
Ambient temperature: 0 bis +40 °C
Display: Graphic touchscreen display 320 x 240 pixels,
256 colours, backlit
Menu languages: German, English
Data transfer: 

Ethernet interface, USB interface
    for PC connection, serial RS-232 interface

Control outputs: 4 potential-free relay outputs;
    resistive load of I ≤ 1 A, U ≤ 24 V DC for limit or
    alarm function;
    one relay with timer function (washing contact;
    time interval is adjustable from 1 to 9,999 hours)
Data storage: built-in data logger for 100,000 values,
including date and time, finite / ring storage,
    48-hr data recorder
Log book: approx. 200 activities, including date and time
Housing: Aluminium console housing IP40/DIN EN 60529
Connections:    BNC, Banana, 8-pin DIN, BK, USB, Ethernet
Measuring modules: four internal measuring modules;
can be combined as needed;
    galvanic-isolated inputs; storing of calibration data;
    sensor monitoring using adjustable limit ranges;
    manual and automatic temperature compensation;
Controller module: PID 3000, standard signal module
    4 x 0(4) to 20 mA

GLP functions (data recording)


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