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MV 50xx series

MV 50xx single-channel measuring transducer

The MV 50XX series of measuring transducers is perfect for taking stationary measurements directly at the measuring point in the open field. The measuring transducer is simple and intuitive to use. It also maintains the essential functionality with maximum operational reliability and safety. Each MV 50XX features a large OLED display and plain-text menu navigation. The software also enables you to configure, calibrate, view and record measured values at your PC using a standard USB port.

Areas of use:
-    Water treatment
-    Water-quality monitoring systems
-    Process monitoring
-    Process control

Special features:
-    Cost-effective measurement of process variables
-    Easy to use (plain text menus)
-    Simultaneous temperature measurements and compensation
-    2 scalable analogue outputs and 2 relay outputs
-    USB interface and PC software
-    Firmware update via USB
-    IP65 field housing

45MV5010 pH measuring transducer MV5010 Request Price
0-14 pH
45MV5020 LF measuring transducer Request Price
0-20 mS/cm
45MV5030 CO2 measuring transducer Request Price
0-3,000 mg/l
45MV5016 ISE measuring transducer Request Price
NH4, NO3 etc.
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Parameter: 1 x pH, redox, conductivity,
(NH4, NO3, Cl, F, K etc.)
Display: graphic OLED,
    128 x 64 pixels with plain text menu
Data logger: 4.000 parameter sets
Analogue outputs: 2x 0(4) to 20 mA or 0 bis VDC
Control outputs: 2 limit switch contacts,
    CO contact, max. 250 V AC / 5 A; PID controller,
bi-directional (pulse length or analogue controller)
Interface: USB (optional RS-232)
Power supply: 100 to 240 V AC, 18 to 36 V DC
Housing: Aluminium housing for wall mount
Protection degree: IP65
Dimensions: 160 x 130 x 71 mm

Classic plug-in tensiometer

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