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Ion-selective electrodes

Ion-selective electrodes (ISE) are used to determine ion activities or ion concentrations directly in liquids, independent of colour and opacity. The measurement is made by immersing the ion-selective electrode and a reference electrode in the current sample solution and then measuring the cell voltage.


The reference electrodes to be used are preferably silver / silver chloride and saturated calomel electrodes. For all measuring tasks, a DC voltmeter with an input resistance less than 1010 ohm can be used. High-resolution pH measuring amplifiers with mV functionality or the ISE 40 ion meter fulfil this requirement perfectly.

The ion-selective electrodes are preferably used for determining the concentration of anions or cations in aqueous or chemical-organic/aqueous solutions. Depending on the type of ion/electrode, specific pH ranges must be set (refer to the electrode data sheets for more information).

40118005 Ammonium selective electrode, NH4+ € 654,50
40100005 Bromidselektive Elektrode, Br− € 714,00
40102005 Calciumselektive Elektrode, Ca2+ € 737,80
40104005 Chloridselektive Elektrode, Cl € 648,55
40106005 Jodid-/Cyanidselektive Electrode, J−/ CN− € 725,90
Jodid pH2 bis 14, Cyanid CN pH 7 bis 14
40134005 Kaliumselektive Elektrode, K+ € 708,05
40112005 Kupferselektive Elektrode, Cu2+ € 761,60
40136005 Natriumselektive Elektrode, Na+ € 761,60
40114005 Nitratselektive Elektrode, NO3− € 678,30
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40xxx100 1 m sealed cable without connector Request Price
40xxx101 1 m sealed cable with BNC connector (plug) Request Price
40xxx103 1m Festkabel und Spezialstecker für ISE 40 Request Price
40xxx005 PG 13.5“ industrial connector Request Price
40xxx006 S7 lab connector Request Price
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Measurement range: NH4+: 0,2 to 18,000 mg/l
Br: 0,5 to 79,000 mg/l
    Ca2+: 0,1 to 40,000 mg/l
    Cl: 1 bis 35,000 mg/l
    CN: 0.03 bis 2,600 mg/l
    F: 0.02 bis 20,000 mg/l
     K+: 0.4  bis 39,100 mg/l
    J : 0.1 bis10,000 mg/l
    Cu2+: 0.1 bis 6000 mg/l
    Na+: 5 bis 20,000 mg/l  
    NO3: 0.4 bis 60,000 mg/l
    Ag+: 0.1 bis 10,000 mg/l
    S2-: 0.03 bis 3,200 mg/l
Shaft material: Plastic (black)
Dimensions (length x diameter ): 145 x 12 mm
Immersion depth: 120 mm
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